The One About Bourdieu


i been smart my whole life
i been poor my whole life
they say it’s better to be born lucky
born rich born dumb it doesn’t matter
they’d be right in saying that
my old man spent more time in jail
than with his family but he was smart
my mum is 73 this year and still
she cleans the houses of those born
lucky rich and dumb
people ask me about bourdieu poems
so here’s a statement for reference
social mobility doesn’t really happen
and the reproduction of class demographics
is maintained through education
particularly arts education
art has only existed since kant
bourdieu hated kant so much
he wrote a whole book about it
it’s called distinction
bourdieu knowing is not wealth
anymore than punk knowing makes you vivienne westwood
im poor and smart and know my fate
fuck amor fati I’ll be alive til the day I die