a pretentious letter to pretentious men in college classrooms

Hugo A. L. M. Crick-Furman

the unjust man builds a mediator out of snow and straw where none stands

carts it around behind him like a sideshow cage

and says

“This is our middle, our common ground

this is our wedding bed, this is our nursery,

this is where the world can be born, this is where the world has to end.

This is the center of our two poles,”

“now get on the cart”

“follow behind us both,

and we will go where we will”

the unjust man speaks only of intent, of misunderstandings

of clarity

of reason

of plexiglass

of the steel of the bolt

of the flesh

of the bird

of the things which they know to be true from their perch, from the crow’s nest

without talking to the crow, or asking it how its kids are doing

the unjust man bites into utopia

and holds a piece between his gums and his lips, just for himself

throws the rest to the greedy flames and calls it charity

“what’s good for the gander is good for the goose” can’t hold in a world where we kill even the goose that lays the golden eggs

before they can think of hatching