A Birthday Dirge for Baby Nut

Hugo Crick-Furman

we need to not only salt the peanuts

but salt the earth they spring from so that this cannot happen again

so they cannot reach up through the ground as tiny billionaires

so that we cannot allow the nut-man and his ilk

icons of greed that they are

to steal the image of the phoenix like they have snatched so much freedom from the working man.

we need to eat the rich, their sweet kernels,

char their pseudo-chitinous shells and use them to feed wild pigs

With all your nut-money you have stolen the right to play with life, to throw it around as flippantly as peanuts to a circus elephant from the hands of a naughty child

You have taken the fires of hell and used them to roast your goddamn product

why can't he just have died? why couldn't he have thrown himself to the ground to save

two b-list actors and an armadillo

the armadillo alone deserved to live a thousand times more than he

for he has killed many in the name of his dark legumes and money fetish

and now, in the guise of an innocent child, will kill so many more.

Fear not, baby nut, sleep softly, dance freely.

but your new life will be cut short in the name of revolution

we will strike down the symbol that you are and crack your shell like the crystal sphere of the heavens

and return you to the hell from whence you came