Make Your Century Proud

"Ne faites pas honte à votre siècle"

Daria Colonna
translated by Olivia Tapiero

you shine singular
of plebs and museums
of public service
you are universally obscure
lukewarm dick beside bleak cunt

you have deserted too soon
the school board
the fenced recesses
where goldchildren in their bowls
bored in the USA
drown after their memory
say: I forgot to take my pill
my panties are bleeding
save me, white Jesus

here you are struck by genius
built of revolutions
you carry your migraine
to the early morning smear tests
when girls piss skin streams
of electrolytes of hormones of clear egg wastes
on proof sheets upon which you give me
news and opinions
primitive fantasies in a light prose
after the drink the blow the conversation
and her still lying on your mattress
“poetry of the nation”
or indifference giving orders on and on

here you are read an obeyed:
sending me requests ahead of time
I deceive you ahead of time
the orgasm the theatre the man and the work
your havens are false

make your century proud:
pull out

you see poets burrowed in their monk cells
their eyes carved as countertop servings
passing like popular actors upon their cruel lives
with “powerful words”

pretty scoundrels of your sterile guineas
behold their training
and the tucked in enthusiasm
of important publishing houses

bet that the ice storm generation
bet that the economy of slander
bet that the cops are reciting the Civil Code
between young girls’ thighs

and that by vanity press
the fruits are harvested

make your century proud:

you resent people for not following you
you use your loved ones and reach your goals
you jerk off the evening with a smile
since tomorrow exists

diversity is at your service
you say: nothing surprises me anymore
talk about it I beg you talk about it again
about what is so unfortunate and horrible
about “those who didn’t have it easy”

this continent where we die of laughter
it’s here

make your century proud:
stick around

you deserve better
you learn to knit your stitch in time
you baptize your Leftist kitchen
your avant-garde meat dehydrator
your democratic sprouting jar
your five categories of trash

you buy a juicer
to separate the national pulp from the native liquid
you buy in bulk
you are a wall-to-wall apostle
of lacto-fermentations
cooking your own soap
you would like everyone to know
that fruit flies have souls

make your century proud:
buy indigenous

warning you are being filmed it’s proof
that benevolence exists
good behaviour post-graduate studies
close friends in politics
determination can accomplish miracles
you say: “I worked for it”

a walk-in a good sense of humour a reputation
escorts magistrature a social awareness
a country house not too far from the city
the health system the police force
a combative becoming stemming from your “activist past”

you are one of those believable people
at the cutting edge of applause
of these pretty faces of extreme moderates
who have their sons baptised
at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

make your century proud:
have a great vacation"