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Poems from Transalpine Gaul

I think (probably wrong tho, but I think) Gaul is basically France, and Transalpine here is in distinction to Cisalpine Gaul, trans- and cis- here being relative to Rome and whether or not the province is somewhere which is across or on this side of that -alpine, which itself is of course in reference to the Alps, i.e., them mountains which got the ski lodges all up them.

As is typical, none of these poems are actual relavant to the title of the collection. This video came up about a battle Julius Caeser (a guy who became immensely powerful by listening to the tribunes of the plebs once in a while) was around for, and some-which-way the name of this little Roman province got itself to be hanging up in the air over and around about these round corners of Van Nuys.

This is the only warning anybody is getting that we're gonna maze.swf the page for the month of October.

  1. For even if we lose
  2. My Language Drops Like A Snake From the Forked Tongue of Desire
  3. Make Your Century Proud❧"Ne faites pas honte à votre siècle"