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I need to start a garden

Samantha Geovjian Clarke

I need to start a garden.

I need to train these clumsy fingers

to bring forth food

and a flower here and there

I need

to store water

collect rain


learn how to raise chickens

how to preserve fruits

how to load a gun

I need to learn the landscape

learn how to drive stick

learn how to stand up for myself

I need to raise bees. I need

to learn how to sing.

I need to teach my cats how to hunt.

I need to teach my body

how to move without sleep

or food

I need to learn how to defeather

and gut a bird. How to harvest

mushrooms. How to treat wounds and

rashes. How to remove bullets

from flesh. How to build a barricade.

How to navigate with a compass. How to

make my own clothes. How to

survive. How I survive. How we survive

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