Can Break Brick Dialectics?

Stephen Lenehan

Bureaucrat: Ma Foucaults, ma Lacans!

Régis Debray: Mi focos, mi galóns!

Mao: The one divides into two into one.

Samuel P. Huntington: My Clash is all “Lost In The


Hybridity: The binary between binaristic and non-binaristic thinking

Kosuth: ((art as idea) as idea) as art

Rimbaud: I think I am in hell, therefore I am in hell

Sohn-Rethel: The academic mind is social but the actions are private

the Symbolic (Stephen Eric Bronner): Modernism at the barricades

the Real: Modernism as the barricades

Virtual Reality: Make it look like there are more protesters than there really are!

Liberals: We want the world to be a little bit better, but not too much better

Zionism: A land with another people for a people with another land

T.J. Clark: For a Future With No Left

Kubrick: If it can be imagined, it can be filmed

Surrealism: If it can’t be imagined, it can be filmed

GoFundMe: With a donation of $$, you actually become the artist!

GoFundMe: With a donation of $$$, you make the art unnecessary!

Woody Guthrie: This machine makes nothing happen

Auden: But to-day the struggle

Sylvia Federici: Workers in struggle not nagging bitches

Helene Margaret: Bourgeois by birth, proletarian by conviction

Millennial: Bourgeois by birth, proletarian by bank account

Langston: Black and White can all be Red

Baraka: No blue but our songs

Walter Benjamin: Love at last sight.