Primer:​ Leaving Oklahoma

Seth Copeland

I wanted to hate you:

home: this backward blindboy w/

many feelings didn’t meet your cowboy frame narrative

I’m not a welder: I don’t hate guns we all need guns:

But I know what you’ll do to anyone


I know what I thought when I still had your

afterbirth gunk in my ears:

I saw the bros the dudes the fuckass shitboys

Preston Trevyn Bladen Treynor:

In the hall in the mall Kid Rock the Dying Gaul:

But you are not just some big fist shaking beardy

Struts in waxed & oiled: ::What IPAs y’all got on tap

I’m just your local lovable asshole lol pleaz don’t

judge my casual racism and transphobia cause if

you do I will shut it down with my dad’s childhood

abandonment & more emotional manipulation::

No no no no: No:

You are also a scar in Tulsa:

You are dust bowl union strong:

You were forced here:

You were corralled here:

You were born here:

You were born queer here:

You grew up queer here:

You grew up hicktown queer here:

You _________________ here:

You are red state because A Suit says you are red state:

You have no vote because A Suit eats your vote:

You bleed in oil:

You were so close to hated

by me:

I look for your fist on the horizon

lifting to strike: