jack royer

on my way to work i saw a camp

that had been attacked by feral pigs

with respect to the animals, police

with no respect for humanity,

tearing at private property,

destroying peoples homes.

at my most empathetic i wonder,

were they asked to be destructive?

or is it just the nature of the beast

rabid, acting with no forethought

needing to be put down. they shot

my neighbors dog for barking too loud.

willie mcnabb writes ”How do I kill

the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard

within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?”

and is mocked online. how do i kill 3 or

5 — oh, 5-0! hydra, millions of cops are born

each war, and live as mercenaries in america.

how do we keep them from happening?

could i kill another human? maybe

but an animal? a thousand animals?

a thousand feral animals? a thousand

feral animals who wield their finite power

over those without protection? poison

could be too humane, often i’m reminded

of hunters who massacred caribou

migrating over ice fields, flying overhead

loosing their automatic rifles into the herd.

how cruel humans are to animals who aren’t

cruel to them, how cruel we should be

to these animals, who aren’t even human, who

wear masks as they gas us, who smile

as if its all a game, and if its all a game,

perhaps the bricks and bullets must be loosed.