The Opposite of the Police

Ann Eleven

is an information point.
The information point

is where a person takes a problem.
The problem is any problem

a person can have.
The person

tells their problem to another person.
The other person works

in the information point on Tuesdays.
Tuesdays are like any other.

The two people determine together
the nature of the problem,

a broken window or heart,
lost cause or a dog,

someone’s hand
falling away from yours

not to find it again.
Maybe you don’t know

how to fix a toilet.
You never knew or cannot trust

your father
The problem is just a question

that needs an answer.
An answer might be only the next place to look.

At every information point
someone will help you.

There are information points
All over the city.

You yourself work in an information point
on Fridays. On Fridays

it is your turn
to hear everyone’s problems.

You will find them
their breathing machines,

new mattresses,
missing aunts,

definitions of words,
orchid varietals.

You will find them hospital companions,
reliable sources, and their lost dogs.

No one who works in an information point
would let a dog stay lost.

will give everyone else an answer

or a way
to move forward.

If you lost your house in the weather
We find another house.

If you don’t have enough for dinner
We find you enough.

The apple will fall
into your hand

and it will be ordinary.
The universe itself said

you should
have an apple.

The algorithm is only
for taking care of each other.

Who needs a bike, or a mom,
or a sweet tattoo?

...a tattoo of your dog, who never dies.
None of the dogs ever die,

Or have to be police dogs. There are no police
dogs. And everyone knows why.