Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dysphoria (C.H.U.D.)

Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dysphoria (C.H.U.D.)

Zøe Axemarsh Woods

whisper into the radioactive air
and let your voice mutate
we are the monsters of the week
the melted horrors
and shambling souls of the misled

there was a point in life where we looked like you
our hair neat and clean
skin smooth and tight clinging hard to the bones
and muscles bubbling up with violent evolution

but you rejected our images
of beauty through change
of strength in community
and threw us tattered and bleeding into the undergrounds

and now we are growing to big for the prison
of concrete and rot
we are climbing out of the tunnels and grates
we are storming the town halls and city streets
we are the nightmares of old men come to life
in plastic revision and chemical creating new
tits and biometal
defenses against the bullets and psychosis
inflicted by the peasantry

our voices blister out of cracked and dry throats
or sometimes come gushing out like acid
and so the message doesn’t get lost in the fog
of metal dysphoria and poison
hear this:

you pushed us into the depths
stole the stars and the personal astrologies
we always deserved

you swept us under the superfund
with the rubble and uranium
and expected us to stay quiet
but our hunger is strong
and after your flesh is gone
we will rewrite the constellations
with our own heros and tales
we will rewrite the history
with your blood on our pen