It's Okay To Steal From Walmart

Ryan Steigerwald

Caught in the dustup - the darkness, the forces

Convincing man dishonesty leads only to misfortune

Not managing to mention we ain't shit to the fruit bazaar,

We're milk inside the fridge in plastic jugs, never glass jars

Expendable, like feelings for the one riding shotgun

On the way to walmart for the next family robbin' run

Smoking newports and sharing sweatshirts

So I can steal another stick of deodorant ‘cause it’s looser than anything I’ve got

Always the gay with the tight pants and no pockets,

Always the sweaty wreck who still brings his empty wallet,

As if automation didn’t help me win this fucking lottery,

As though I’m not the only one who confuses love for private property,

As if I can’t just feed the mouth because my heart is too damn hungry,

As though emotional response can’t come cheaper than these groceries,

As if these barcode lines didn’t read like archaic ancient poetry

To a couple of high school dropouts sippin’ on boxed wine outside the Dollar Tree

Stuffing little pockets with the densest of commodities,

Ignoring that we’ve built a shrine to my latest human novelty;

A house where if you listen close enough you’ll hear us dying

But we’re eating well and no one’s shooting dope so we’ll be smiling