a joke from america latina

r.z. arriaga

The United States was invented in 1980, by a

worker whose hands picked at the weeds until-

There was someone talking about a shopping mall

he pointed at the glittering sides of that tin of a coke;

When the wind blew, the bottom lip of a farmer reddened, and he pressed both hands into the ground, burrowed those fingers. And did anyone hear the grito? [jajajajajaja]

Here, they see, there is skin that is owned by no one

In a few years, it became clear that there was a machine among them.

There were tariffs upon migrants: eyes those of sickle cell women. There is only one aspect of the United States, she said. that the Cold War never reached the deserts of soil,

Where cactus grows. “We are all rich,” said that worker, who knew of malls.

There are no lines except those of doctors or papers or”

And he remembers the days of translators— the farm says there are no flowers left.

Not in spring. But there is a horizon of red. (¿)

in the America, not the Americas, there is only one family.

— I apologize for my ignorance. When I was young, men were-

a lot of things. They wore brand clothes in Nazi Germany. They spoke not of

color. In a whisper, she adds, “and gender! Oh, gender!”

We were one then. One family. One people.

When you are American, you have that. Unification. You have consumerism.

until they stumble out the emergency exit. It is all they have.

The man with the coke jokes: there is an abandoned place.

next to a field of cacti. It used to sell clothes, and it ran shows

of what you (and I) can be with a smartphone. If you think — commercial — there was a song

associated. But that was before. Hands deeper into the wet mud, the earth ate him alive.


the news will keep publishing

the malls will stay open.

for who?