Goods and Services

A. W.

Psst. Here. Behind

the curtain, don’t look yet, just listen

don’t make up your mind

just off the bone-white grin and the black hole eyes.

Your friends would scream to find me in your home.

Listen to me.

Five steps in your plan: Optimism, Kindness.

Don’t be foolish.

Reasoning, Bribery, Extortion. That is just good sense.

We respect our business partners, even those we love, by baring our blank white teeth.

Don’t beg, it’s unbecoming, don’t beg. Plead a little. Assume the skeletons feel compassion and their bone-rattle will sound like music.

Hear it play. Hear it shatter.

This is what you get for dealing with the dead, dealing behind your time, dealing in black ink and white paper.

You can’t look yet, the curtain is green and it hides something ugly,

something necessary. Are you ready?

Make informed decisions. Prepare for resignation.

If the plan works, never have assumed anything less.

This is how you survive.