Catharsis in Green Small Things

Jake Edgar

My apartment manager informed us via a taped memo on our front door that neither window unit AC’s nor tomato plants were allowed under the new renters agreement, and Kathy (the manager) really hoped that I understood and wouldn’t mind both signing the new agreement and removing the unit and plants immediately. Well, the thing is Kathy, I was so busy blowing bubbles with my kids this afternoon that I completely forgot, and since it’s pretty late now I’d rather not pull the unit out (I really hope you understand!) and look at my daughter smile when she chomps on the yellow fruit, and watch her eyes light up as it smolders with sweetness so unlike anything capitalist, and see how she reaches back again–how her pale fingers cross against earth’s green ones, and my, look how plentiful our modest operation has become, and did you see that forecast? I’m sorry kathy, I can’t talk right now, I’m actually running late for work, and suddenly it’s almost halloween