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Philadelphia Epoch

For the first time, this Internet web page joined flesh-and-blood reality, when several writers from Pb.p performed at the Wooden Shoe, an anarchist bookshop in Philadelphia. This is the first of many such events which are being organized in cities across America. (email if you'd like to get involved.)

Promotional Zine / Flyer
Design by @JumpsuitUtopia

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  1. The speaker of this poem is an amateur / drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog that I / imprinted on during a psychedelic
  2. conjure a grin
  3. class antagonisms intensify
  4. 26 (from Character Limit)
  5. I Can Feel Myself Fading Away
  6. Into the Moment Fall Particulates And Outward They Move in Single-File
  7. Lines