Holly Raymond

on 9/11 a white rhino embryo
instructed in all the main fables of
our weathered customs,
fish-tank at a strip-mall dentist’s
christian science reading room,
so many email coupons from some perfume
website that I took a quiz on, guy
in a Pantera t-shirt telling the bus
to go fuck itself
all of dead now oh all of us cheerful
and immediately joining the army
oh riding on rhinos in our crisp yellow uniforms,
the color of bananas, our students pull up
swatches of paint
oh spikes on our helmets
brief navy of rhinos
we're all cyberpunk now

we too in our labs have developed an infinity rhino,
whispered dirty jokes in its weird little ear-hole,
we have wound up the spring in our infinity rhino,
dark matter rhino, to point in the direction of all things,
to plow through all things, pierce with the horn
the wet flanks and wet riblets of all things, thrashing
in tongueless joy and plenitude
through the frames of all things,
there’s nothing left,
a straight line through empty space,
there’s nothing
crepe and doily on the bones of us,
horny and irritated,
blowing our party favor tube things
at the rhino’s vast approach
oh hold me I’m spooked again

in our time we have triumphed
in the invention of fresh rhinos,
then snapped their necks in their sleep
permanently half-smiling
and dreaming of palm-trees
in a valley on fire
with their eyes clothed in terricloth
oh none of this shall be well
so how many years believing
only in revenge
oh grammar shut me up
and coax pale rhino
from pale grave