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9/11 Poems

This is so fucked that still nobody has a fucking clue who submitted this poem below. I am 85% sure they were trying impersonate somebody else, and I still don't know for sure who it be.

In the hullaballo posting the 9/11 poems got incredibly fucked up, to the point that only one non-phony-balone-zone poem regarding 9/11 got posted. Now, tradition is that we wait until next 9/11 to post the poems. But who knows when that is. I say fuck that. Today (9/20/2019) is the anniversary of the first time "war on terror" got said out loud in the context that all but the lil'lest of zoomers recognize. As matter of fact, we got the video of Dubya himself saying it.

If you didn't watch it all I might recc' watching it as far as the point where the phrase gets used, which is like two minutes in or something. The libs want you to forget this war and that this dude was at least nominally president of the U.S.A. in a war on (at least nominally as well) a concept. I tried looking up on Wiki how many people got wiped out as a consequence of all this which began on this day in history, but its been bleached. From the fast fast:

"According to Joshua Goldstein, an international relations professor at the American University, The Global War on Terror has seen fewer war deaths than any other decade in the past century.[273]"

So now we got a homework assignment if we want to know what that [273] is. It's an article by Joshua in Foreign Policy about really who gives a shit at all. I won't even pull that handwringing donotlink shit . . . here is the real-as-a-heartattack hyperlink:

Click that link if you like. I don't care. I'm tired of being scared of these Pixel claims that webtraffic (which doesn't even exist) performs as a force-field because of long-division with a bunch of figures off their Google Analytics profile which uh duh they won't let you see. I read like 9% of that long-ass post and I'm pretty sure what we're looking at is a dude who is preemptively arguing his defense to spring in the kangaroo court where he will be sentenced (and this isn't my call, btw) death. / It reminds me of that time some English dudes with the white wigs were getting their shit together to decapitate Charles 1, when the old Royal Perogitive said real smart-ass-like, "I would know by what power I am called hither. I would know by what authority, I mean lawful". But yeah they just executed him anyway. Like c'mon, what did he expect them to do . . . like anybody was gonna actually listen to all that shit?

  2. on 9/11 we went into the cave and grew bright horns
  3. Bush Did 9/11

Jet Fuel Can't Melt [REDACTED] Beams


when we
fucked that morning we
didnt know it was
9/11 when we
had coffee we
still didnt know

when we drove to
work in a
blue car we had
no idea til we
got there where
a basque with
eta politics
told us so

we laughed and we
loved terrorism and said
fuck america