Shinjini Dey

Don't know how

to mourn

the losses like dead seagulls

the memory is but a pretense

rage of the sea

caught in the attempt of counting,

of crashing

as light as a feather

as light as the knowledge of flight.

The beach is full of "dirty tourists"

uncertainty about italics and eugenics

the science of scientific names

are the carrion birds eating themselves; resembling crisis

and if the seagulls are dead we are human resource

I mean, they will eat anything

I mean, the announcement of a punishment is a threat

Call it law

is it law and order: taxonomy

or law and justice: executive function

I think language is a process of accounting

to get to the beach we have tried to work

we barely scraped together something resembling rent

but only in knowledge do we have a sense of "almost there"