international superspy


i have been killed by my lover who

is, incidentally, my employer

a united states congress

Person it is unlikely that I will

ever know

why it is that _____ killed me

i love my job I love to kill

others to translate, exchange, search for, ransake, torture, and, in other ways

perform clandestine duties. I have had so much

fun wearing exotic and fragrant cologne and drinking frequently

though i am never hung-over. once in a

“superspymeeting” about some

activity to destabilize some such

Nation State my “gadgets guy” gave me pills

to prevent such a thing from happening, which was

sweet. I forgot his name as i do most names.

my hands, right now, smell like engine oil. they remind me of

my grandfather, hands lubed, grabbing at the nubb of a ball

bearing one time. i didn’t want to dirty my hands,

and i cried to my overbearing mother who scolded him

for laughing like that, smiling like that, while grabbing

such a nasty thing.

“To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception; it is an eternal

loss for which there

is no reparation, either in

time or in eternity.” --Soren Kirkegaard

I have also been to College. Most international superspys

have also been there. it is, of course, a

lucrative career warranting a therapist whom

I like. He tells me not to trouble myself about the morality of my job

Which is fine as I

Never really have.