FREE (the people of) TIBET (from the fucking Dalai Lama)

Fattie Smith

I wish
the Dalai Lama
was the protester
that got shot
in Hong Kong
because he sucks
I fucking hate him.

The Greatest Trick the Devil
ever played
wasn't as good
as the one where the Dalai Lama
hustled white people for
money and political support for decades

Also turning the Beastie Boys into dorks
(they were cool fuck you)
was not bad either

I guess MCA was always a dork
but like Ad Rock was married
to Kathleen Hannah for a while.

"She did that shitty music video"
Yeah I know.
She's let me down a lot recently.
She's also in her 50's tho,
which like isn't nothing.

Toby Vail, tho.
She dumped Kurt Cobaine
before he got famous. Like,
(she's the drummer for Bikini Kill.)
(Kathleen Hannah was also, yeah.)
(Yeah but you know Le Tigre
"who took the bomb, dun-dun-dun-da-dun...
dunnah-dunnah-nah") and you know them.)
that's something.

Yeah the Beastie Boys
did a bunch of charity shows
for the Dalai Lama

I shouldn't be mad about this
but did you know that
so did Rage1??