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Live Ammo Round

There's tons of poems people got that are like this:

I wish
the Dalai Lama
was the protester
that got shot
in Hong Kong
because he sucks
I fucking hate him.

I guess somebody could come up with some plausible reason which links that plain fact with what we're doing today, which is printing poems without having read them first. Last night, this promise was made:

Now it's dawn and it's obvious that there isn't really much reason to do this. Jamie Berrout's new essay "Against Publishing" on her Patreon (but not behind a paywall or anything) is about meritocracy, which probably is responsible for the word, but she should hardly be held accountable for this publicity stunt. If you're being extremely charitable out of affection for this page, you might argue that there's something if not clever, then possibly something curious about this.

But none of any of that is at all relevant to what lead us ("Us"! the flash of shame at using the plural-singular, even if it's otherwise appropriate, when discussing an error for which you are solely responsible! oh dear!) to make that promise. I'll give an explanation in just a moment how and why this all happened, but in the interest of transparency, I should concede that it's fake.

So. The reason we did this (*wink*) is because if all the noise we make about our poetry being distinct ideologically is anything more than just radical bluster and marketing, then we ought to be able to demonstrate once in a while that we can do something which would be entirely impossible within the world of poetry that's connected with power and what-not. So, yeah. That's a self-aggrandizing reason as is imaginable, but in fairness, we are grand.

One actual thing (why would you believe me?): all this got wrote before reading the poems that came in. All I know is there's like maybe five or eight of them. Oh wait, one more thing. So, yeah, all these are published without any pretense of an editor reviewing them before putting them online. The only stated condition was submitting before the deadline, but in practice this means probably already being a reader of this page and if not then probably at least the target audience for this content. But there is no such thing as meritocracy, and if there was it wouldn't be in poetry. There's too much at stake in the opinion of like the big gross empire collapsing around us to just hand poetry acclaim to the deserving. So, ya. This counts as a byline.

  1. Treaty Day
    noah mazer
    213 06:19:42
  2. Union Drive
    Morgan Dowdy
    39 06:35:50
  3. Warm Comfort
    Nykalily Dear
    71 06:36:59
  4. 30
    Nykalily Dear
    329 06:39:00
  5. Deerly Beloved II.VI (XIII): Cauterizing The Cold
    Persephone Erin Hudson
    337 06:41:16
  6. a Weatherman Waits
    Dan Boucher
    168 06:52:27
  7. Smother
    Dakotah Jennifer
    274 06:59:54
  8. FREE (the people of) TIBET (from the fucking Dalai Lama)
    Fattie Smith
    195 06:59:59
  9. having a panic attack in the auto department
    blake planty
    68 07:17:06