This Machine K*lls Fascists

Vin Tanner

cedar scented candles for a nice suburban home
i lay down on your clean floor
to tell you your pain and sadness is happening
exactly as it was designed
centuries in the making
with a pendulum swing out in full force
to call you a cog in the machine

it makes it sound routine and inescapable
to say the system is a clock and we
are pieces to be worn down to tell time
but the truth is,
this was built for the glee and destruction
for an elite few, who never were pieces at risk at all

but their dream were sown into so many of these cogs
that they think they can grind their way
out from underfoot the carriage
that the mechanism is inescapable
and fact
so if they whine and scream until the metal bends and breaks
they will have never been where they were placed from birth

i will grab you by the shoulders
showing you, once shaken, that we are not speaking hours
their automaton can be as hollow and empty and pointless
as the system which built it (for failure)
and the people can become Our Machine
they wanted their workers to be robots
but they will beg us to feel emotions for them as we approach
they reprimanded when we felt them for ourselves or our loved ones

this will not have any one role.
it will serve the people
and you won't feel this guilt beyond now
you are quiet, then relight the candle
"it is much to difficult to consider" you say
and you ask me then, what else is new