on my flight to berlin

ellena basada

turbulent plane ride sends heat

to my g-spot

i couldn’t stop thinking about your cock

it is not a crass fact

now I am sorry to remind you

of the spiraling, stinking trek     we

jogged down manhattan’s neck

spiraling means Kafkaesque

in the Neo-Platonic sense 

how strange 

our relationship we hold tethered 

a rope 

memory’s silky lies

you and me     objective

correlative to (sandy) Alex G

ben lerner evokes these

'mediate intimacies too 

piling between us in a space which

exists lone in-side our heads

who are you? a better vision of 

myself  like a mirror     

this is true      tricky

you indulged me from MOMA all the way to

a phosphene hallucination

the pressure of fingers ‘gainst my eyes

urging me to go fuck a different guy

another Poet in Brooklyn

how will reality deform when

you read this online will it like

a plastic lighter held over flame     bitter

black smoke dragging up your nose again?