Feed Each Other

Aaron Elswick

If you're gonna be lonely,

maybe learn how to cook.

Parade the smoke to the rafters

after doubting the book.

Alert the parents in vowing the earnest

salt in the brook.

A fervent effort relays to bacon kisses you took.

Brine is cheap,

and on days like this

find a Mrs. or friend,

apply the bread crumb crisp.

Buy the egg to allure.

confide that ""this might miss.""

If not to them to yourself.

Try the odd light whip.

Find a guide or a dozen.

Fire doesn't necessarily deny the pleasant after math.

Passable dishes levy comfort on cold nights,

dying for treasure dancing in the lights,

and forming function digging diamond from plastic wrap.

""I could serve a candied berry

pair it fairly cold below a lighter cream.""

See the finer things elaborate below the theme.

Mise en place allowing,

yolk to heat,

folk wreaths are crowning.

Found a leek to brown,

found out what friends to feed can mean

Be the barer

taste your food

silk confections

social fruit

Buck the system

Find connection

tuck the mood in

ginger root

get your list out

pay it forward

take the order

grab a whisk

make an impact

Pleat the border

break the silence

wrap a gift