Stop Fetishizing ___ Worker

Nicolás Vargas

postmodern capitalism transforms the downtown into a vibrant city center for professionals but keeps some urban mascots, monuments to lack, around for culture. the kid with a bad case of poverty got into every ivy league school on a full ride. more on the superpowers of the poor at 10. marvelous colonized Amerikkkan gladiators fight against the stacked status quo (now in cobalt HD). some survive success. some become puppets of privilege. go on to be well dressed & well-fed spokesmen for the socioeconomic ladder that most of us by now know exist behind a locked door. the ruling class holding the key. they want you to suffer stratification peacefully. let a few negroes up on the perch & preach from above how this can be you too. they were once in your position. you could be in theirs. poverty is forced resilience, artificial grit, bait-n-switch scarcity. they are primitive and adaptable. homo-plebeian resistance only to the degree of survival, long enough to catch a REM of the american dream. selling white supremacy to the black working class by way of educational institution debt & military industrial complex career tracks. we are only valued if we can overcome the devaluation of the material reality we were born into. the one they drew the red lines through. shipped crates of guns and drugs to. let AIDS & heart disease metastasize in. underfunded & over-policed. raze the land. take the jobs. now fight for a seat at the table. sometimes we are not exceptional because we have unexceptional circumstances. that is okay. the struggle is real when a settler cant afford guac on their third chipotle trip of the week but the struggle is entertainment in the new season of COPS or the Wire or whatever fetish item you indulge in. poverty chic gig economy housing. tiny house for your ego. i'm like those negroes too. big buisness bad they say in between fucking their amazon delivered third world sex doll for sex tourists with flight anxiety & a hyper active death drive. haute homeless. shoes with wear to wear & step on that transient’s neck who keeps making you aware of class contradictions. this neighborhood could use less graffiti and more street art.