I Want to Drop Out of Grad School and Suicide Bomb a Federal Building


I want to bomb the Department of Homeland Security and the FDA.

I want to shoot up the Capitol Building and strangle the Clintons.

I know plenty of faggots with guns.

Why are the faggots and our friends always the first to die.

I want to hijack a plane full of rich crackers on vacation.

I want to tank a fucking cruise ship.

This election is a fucking joke. Education is a fucking joke.

Teach me more about the impeachment. I'm glad you have a thing.

This is not a fucking poem. Our manuscripts should be burned.

We overestimate our insipid coping mechanisms.

I want to poison the whole administration.

How hard could it be. There are many common

plants that contain fatal toxins.

Get a starched shirt job serving food

in the White House and throw it all away.

We underestimate ourselves.

Get a real job like killing the right people.

Our hands are not that fucking soft or clean.

We underestimate ourselves.

Lily-of-the-valleys grow everywhere.

Do you know how carelessly gardeners keep these around

just for decoration. Our Lady’s tears.

Imagine if their pips grew feet.

The gardeners boldly prune away. Our Lady's

tears. Tiny sweet-smelling things.

Many-headed little necks stooped low to the ground.

They grow in colonies. We underestimate ourselves.

Every part of them is poison.