Mulberry Trees

Vuyolwethu Reoagile

Like silk worms trapped in boxes,

We spin balls of a silky existence,

Observing necessary transformations,

Searching for certainties,

Death is non-existent,

We fill plastic bags with mulberries,

With determination we climb higher,

We fall and scrape our knees,

Good berries carry risks, and we go higher,

The branches hold us,

And when they snap,

We give into the fall,

Brave hearts,

Our balls freely flap in the breeze,

Navigating an awkward world with ease,

Superheroes, caped in invisible peace,

Even in silence - we speak volumes,

Red stained fingers,

Touching uncertain futures,

In pursuit of perfect berries,

We ascend,

Taking flight to distant dimensions,

Leaving behind marvellous creations,

Carrying a legacy of a courageous existence,

And infinite memories of climbing mulberry trees.