spiritual cinematic universe


we could have a movie where
captain america & batman
time travel    kill baby hitler
that's the 1st act
rest is drugs
“I fuckn love JUSTICE” said Batman
while fucked on acid. “I think good
should like…  triumph …over …. uhh..
….. evil,” said Captain “I just smoked
a fat blunt” America
Superman tweaked on krypto
talking shit like “hi my name’s
batman im rich
 i beat the shit out of poor ppl
who have mental health issues”
wonder woman is sober
all over her idyllic commune
 animals just everywhere livin
& powerdudes are tripped
out touching   crying
listening to noise
wishing they knew the feelings
these creatures were feeling
& even feeling like
they don’t know
their own feelings
happily, wonder woman
has animal empathy
tells them everything   it’s intense
beautiful. then thor shows up
with bros starts playing
beer pong. has rly good coke
 he’s sharing & the energy
once off putting
becomes infectious + he’s hott +
everyone doesn’t
have to get along perfectly
to get along decently
but that’s all bullshit these movies
are propaganda + gal gadot
believes in palestine being
an apartheid state bombing gaza
always life keeps going like this until
*spoiler alert* half the people
in the universe die
everyone dies
nothing ever really dies
some day
  it’ll begin
& again & again