Alex Nuttle

For Therichest.com
Kaline Forrester wrote in 2017 that Detroit was
“the last place Americans
would ever want to live in their country
- a third world country would likely be better”.
Forrester is not important,
she is just another racist blogger.

For the New York Times
Ze'Ev Chafets wrote in 1990 that Detroit was
“a black metropolis,
with all the trappings of a third-world city”.
He seems to place most the blame on
then Mayor Coleman Young,
painting Young like a Maoist
waging a protracted people’s war
against white suburbia
(which I could not blame him for,
had it been true)
Chafets was born
30 miles up the highway in Pontiac
seems to forget that
55 miles up the highway in Howell
a KKK Grand Dragon lived in plain sight
until dying two years after his article.
So I have to ask Chafets a couple of questions

If Colman Young wasn’t elected in 1973,
would the riots of 1967 been avoided?

would there have been a “Slave Market”
between Wyoming avenue and Livernois avenue
on 8 mile for black day laborers
up until the 1960s?

would 56% of white detroiters in 1950 have advocated
for Jim Crow style racial segregation?

If Colman Young wasn’t elected in 1973
would Mary Conk, a white sixth grader,
have written the following list in the mid 1940s:
Because they are mean
And they are not very clean
Some of them don’t like white people
They leave garbage in the yard and it smells
And in the dark the skare you
And they pick you up in a car and kill you. at nite
And they start riots

If Coleman Young wasn’t elected in 1973,
would the riots of 1943 been avoided,
when black men were killed
cause the arsenal of democracy
ran out of housing and jobs?

would the riots of 1942 been avoided,
when white people got mad a black family
tried to move into public housing?

would the riots of 1863 been avoided
when white people flipped their shit cause
they were stopped from lynching a black man?

would the riot of 1833 been avoided
when Black Detroiters liberated
runaway slaves being held in Wayne County jail?

Ze’ev Chafets,
If Coleman Young wasn’t elected in 1973
which black man would you have chosen
to blame instead?