Produce Panic

Produce Panic

Anna McColgan

Hello, roller coaster tummy. Welcome to this panic. Hey, bananas. People eat too much of you. I hope you like these crazy eyes. Hello, stranger. Welcome to this panic. Taco shells are over there. Hey, my friend, I do not recognize you. Welcome to bananas. Hello, grounding. Welcome to the nightmare ground. Hello, boss. I'm not deep breathing. Hello, panic. Welcome to the space. There will be difficulty reaching information. Hello, customer. Yes, I am stupid. I do not remember. Hey, rage! Meet frantic movement (quite productive)! Hello, fear. Meet loss and never learn. Hello, hello, is there something I can help you find? This smile brought to you by Pure Efficiency. This pizza party brought to you by other people's unions. This music brought to you by other people's pain, enough time off to name. This banana brought to you by other people's pain. Burn out the eyes. Yeah just the ears and just the hands. Not yet well enough to be considered sick. One corner gathers those so used to it. One gathers the complainers, trading wounds and salves. And people join and leave the corners. Trickle or escape or hop between, depends on pulse. And neither corner is more righteous than the other. So, today I do not side. I shake here without looking like I'm shaking, hearing voices after voices, reach for words. 


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Produce Panic

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