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god speaks to me

Rachel Tanner

and she says some crap like enjoy

every moment, for you are blessed and i say

that’s shitty advice. like, really shitty

so i take more zofran and god says you

wouldn’t be so nauseous if you just ate healthier

so i say actually, god, it’s ‘nauseated’ and

what the hell do you know? and god says

don’t you realize the dictionary has

officially changed it so that both nauseated AND

nauseous are correct in this context? so

not only are you being an asshole, you’re also

technically wrong and i say fine, i guess

i’ll google it so i google it and

once again, god’s right but

i will never let her in on this 

but god says um, don’t you know

i can read your mind? so i scoff and think

fuck you.


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