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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Collection

Capitalism changes you, doncha know.

I'm told it's in a lotta ways ahistorical and even a charitable reader would notice modern footnotes are running mad interference for the 19th century sensibilities, as it were, but still I cop to getting worked up about Origin of the Family above all the texts which came outta the first wave (is that the word?) of Marxism. It's the product of my dude Engles -- the first of the two centuries of fuckers tasked with making what the big K.M. said accessible -- and it's got one joke: everything is fake. It's just a consequence of habit, and habit from the social and economic structure which reproduces society through successive generations. How we form our families, how we relate to them, even what constitutes a blood relative . . . . all these are drawn in sand, and when the economy changes a little, so does the family.

Capitalism, like I said, changes you. But even that's idyllic. What were you changed from? There's a bit of presupposing here that an honest way to be got infringed by the Internet or mass production or farming or whatever. But except for dying cold, alone, and immediately on a rock, there's not tons to the human experience which is definite. You can't go back in any meaningful way . . . not any more than, say, Julius Caeser (or anybody remote, I'm just giving an example) could have lived his life as a software engineer or a Pharoah or a communist.

Capitalism changes litmags. If I'm being honest, it's sorta suprising that it's taken this long to change anything. The point of this poetry page -- the declared point, I mean, after it'd been around long enough that it couldn't be explained by spontaneity alone -- is to operate and publish poetry with some respect to reality. (I'm surprised as anyone that didn't simply mean "then stop publishing poetry".) I figure its a sign of our doing things right that this page has not disintergrated despite my countless attempts at sabotage. It grows like kudzu across the American South.

The supreme soviet operating this Maoist poem website encourages its readers to celebrate our reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter in whatever fashion happens to be convienient and reasonable in your particular circumstance, wherever you are.

Monsters of All Kinds Shall Be Destroyed

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