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Paintbucket Commends the Dopesick's Gallantry, Discipline, and Determination in their Ongoing Struggle Against Heroin

There's literally a chemical which compells you to find more of it on pain of having your guts go to gack. It gets deployed to fuck places up. But also, it allows you to work through fucked up job injuries and it feels like Christmas morning for a while, until its worse. But people beat it all the time. What an incredible feat. Course, they're still owed a statue just for not dying, but the point is that I'm proud of a buncha people who don't need naming. Oh, and also, that the working class all the time wrestles heroin and all the time wins.

Thank you!
  1. You Are Here
  2. Waiting in Line at the Psychiatrist
  3. Skyscraper's Steel Anatomy
  4. Haunted Houses
  5. front desk girl
  6. ["Untitled"]