The recommended serve-by date is only law if you're a coward about it

Emily Klein

Good news friends: you can just take food.

Perfectly good food that is maybe a little stale or

maybe edging towards its twilight years but edible and

nutritious enough to be worth consuming.

Or you can mark it down on the waste sheet your work

makes you fill out because while aptly named their

definition of waste lives in entirely different context.

For them it's the money lost because their products went

unpurchased not the fact that there's a better mouth the

food could be going down than the mouth of a trash bin.

Luckily we've already spread the good word: you can take it.

Fill your underpaid pockets with delicious contraband and

take to the streets or the illusion of seclusion in your shared

kitchen and dispense your edible bounty.

Play Robin Hood on Sherwood Forest Lane where Mr. King,

the landlord for four consecutive blocks, is just as bad as the

brother he left in charge to coax the president towards war.

Or decide it's not worth the risk to maybe share food at the

expense of your own livelihood no matter how little life a

$7 an hour ""part time"" job allows you to live.

Consider the following: no one checks the security cameras.