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Paintbucket vs. the Zodiac

Who are the Astropoets? Two hipsters from Brooklyn who had the kind of idea that only the immensely priveleged would entertain, whereas anybody responsible for their own survival would reject it on the grounds that waste is a sin. They combined astrology with poetry. It didn't make any sense, but I guess it worked. It's not like it makes any sense now, or not enough anyway to justify a book they are right now touring the nation on a promotoinal tour for.

Is this just spite? No, not entirely. But so what if it is? They're not even lucky! They're just invincible. Listen to this: a week before their book launched, they posted an advertisement for AirBnb, which everybody - or at least every hipster in Brooklyn - knows brings gentrification with it wherever its platform goes, like a cloud of locusts in tow. All moral questions aside, it just seems dumb, like businesswise, to do risky shit like that when you're releasing a book in week. Like aren't they psychics?

Anyway, this is too much exposition. here's the story and if that's too long here's the condensed version:

This lead the Los Angeles branch of the Pb empire to go out to their reading and hand out a zine which was mostly prepared like less than 24 hours before the event. We had no plan really, except that we agreed we weren't going to try to convince people that they shouldn't go to the reading. Like, they had checked that no lights got left on and came all the way out there and like wore a jacket which could comfortably fit their house keys. They weren't going to give that up.


  1. Most people took the zine, as you'd figure, but somebody wasn't up for our bullshit and handed it back to one of our agents.
  2. An old dude who's had a rent controlled Manhattan aprtment since the 70's said the unit above him was converted into an Airbnb, and that the guests there were always drunk and coked out and loud and terrible. So, to protest them he says he smeared dog shit on the box where the keys the AirBnb guests used were stored. I asked him why he didn't just smash it. He said he didn't want to look crazy.
  3. Damn, I really wish there was a third thing, but this was not maneuvers up the Sierra Maestra. We went out to talk to some people, bum out the Astropoets, and act normal. Mostly I was happy to meet Pb people in real life. We did the "is astrology fash" discourse, talked about money (that's all poets talk about), and I complained about Jekyll (that's all I talk about.) Somebody who worked there said the guy Astropoet was a dick.
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Editor and another taller editor Pictured: editor, a taller editor.
We forgot to take video and this was the only non-blurry picture we got. Oh, also we were running late so we took a car from Van Nuys to Hollywood (I haven't thought about it very carefully but I assume there's something ironic about that), and we're out like $21 if I recall correctly. So, buy a book if you can.