untitled thoughts on this whole Iran thing

Alex Nuttle

Working at an immigration firm

where 1/3rd of the clients are Iranian,

the problem becomes Iranians

not coming to the US.

If layoffs happen

because the US goes to war with Iran,

we can’t pay rent. However,

in the grand scheme of things,

bouncing back from

landlord evictions

is easier than

bouncing back from

the US military

bombing the shit

out of your house evictions.

In America, there’s a gang

of people who all dress the same,

drive around their communities

carry guns at all times,

and harass people on the street.

Every day in the news

there’s another

innocent person they killed,

last I checked no cop

is an Iranian citizen.

More than 26,000 Americans

die each year because of

lack of health insurance.

Depending on who you ask

either 0 or 80 Americans

were killed by an Iranian

airstrike. Lack of healthcare is

at least 325 times more

likely to kill Americans,

at most ∞ times more

likely to kill Americans.

Yeah the Iranian regime is bad

but it never fucked Americans over

like the American regime does.