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Sappy Love Poem

yarrow yes woods

oh Look! Listen! a green dot

     says I’m Online <3       make sure

how many viewers before the C[]m Show

              Me Your Face can begin? all of this is recorded

backed-up stored bought sold

without our permission PRETTY OMG


                         Of All Identifying Information

Please unto Please       i labor a larger i miss you

Dream Into My Body (Theirs)

           Yours, So The Ecstasy Is At All Cred[it]ible

With What Makes Sense Depends

             On The Light, The Song Begins Glowlamp

           You will be safe, I promise I ask Pornhub

To remove the video of me

                                             No Content a gif on

a message (The) Board circulates of my mouth

the circumference of a blue dick dildo Forever

Open Close Open Close Open Close [Browser Window]

then not. then again then 

       not. then again (the means of)

                                    my product cannot be 

              seized the virus, my animal, its journey

Is the Ultimate Form of Customer Service, the shred of a product fitted

to another product Packaged Shipped   Placed on a Porch

& Rightfully Pirated 

 Surf the Seven Seas of the Dark Web

. Frorm One User to Another .

As it is tracked

                  it will be tagged. (#tranny #redhead #trap #trans #solo #camwhore

#deepthroat #amateur) monarch migration patterns charted how many generations of 

Who Is a Threat? Whom Can Be Sold What

the guy who keeps asking for my phone number

                  or the guy who says I Want To See You Cry there is no commandment

[Looks Like She’s Compensating For Something]

i can turn to At Night The Stat[] and Twist My Face * the holidays

are a good time for tips



i love you but

am i projecting, my love,

for the terror

state? how nice

to be scared

of the hand

when i control it

i love this game

oOOo when i

control it, love,

this game

peeling my skin

my my from your

nails from my lips

oh lord my

lady of sorrows we

sensitive girls

with big clits

i love them so

but is it only, my love,

for the state? i would

let you murder me

if you could do it

more than once

i would let you

murder me

if you could

do it, pussy,

better than the state


after years of mopping corporate kitchen floors and making watery cocktails i am finally my own boss

beating rugs against

the fence

i accept

the dust

as my one

birthright are you

gonna fucking

kiss me or not