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Dedicatory Epistles

Adam Katz

for Fan

In Need

I guess that I was just nodding

to the inertia of the social order

getting to colloquy

not through the established channels

so that in time there could be

a not entirely separate

discourse about value

but not an incredibly helpful one

for Raymond

500 Year Delta

we needed a controlled setting

because we needed to work on

multiple parts simultaneously

my part and your part needed

similar kinds of work

if you didn’t do this

then you would come to realize

that you had not done it

it’s making it likely to fail

I want to set a good example

of working within your limitations

for Natalie


combining procedures

and transcendent consciousness

you have to think

that you are not really

putting anything else in communication

with the consciousness

the procedures are for

transcendent consciousness

you have to think

that you won’t be able

to measure if the procedures

made it transcendent.