Angel @CryptoAutism

Ripple is an organization that is dedicated to rapid liquidity. Many big financial organizations with lots of money have logos on their page.

In order to develop this rapid liquidity, Ripple developed a brand new cryptocurrency (how exciting!). It is called XRP. XRP is not Ripple is not XRP, however.

Ripple is just an organization of people who want to do good in this world. I believe they gave out masks with the XRP symbol on them in order to stop Covid-19. They teach students who qualify for their program all about blockchains.

I want to know all about blockchains but I became homeless and then a prostitute. I do not qualify to learn about blockchains. XRP is not Ripple, XRP is open source money. Ripple simply uses it as part of their mission to provide rapid liquidity at a low cost and do good.

Transaction times with XRP are much more rapid, than bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. You can run a server on your computer which gives you power over whether or not transactions go through. Its called being a validator and it is very important.

If it weren't for the fine men and women in this world validating XRP transactions, Ripple would not be able to provide rapid liquidity. They would do less good. I want to be a validator but I don't know if I am good enough.

It is a green blockchain because it relies on consensus transactions and the way people get it is by embedding javascript in their blogs asking that they install a browser extension that costs $5 a month. Then when they go to that person's blog a small amount is transferred to their XRP wallet.

Last I checked, XRP costs $0.201173 and there are institutions which hold no other assets other than millions of dollars of this stuff. It is very important. Getting people to pay for a browser plugin is green. CPU/GPU mining requires tons of power.

A bitcoin generates enough carbon monoxide to choke a horse to death.

XRP: The Best Digital Asset for Global Payments