fuck yes sediment

emma brown sanders

the sea monster charybdis

“was later rationalized as a whirlpool”

what will i be rationalized as

i serve no reproductive purpose

so am useless to the state

rationality thrums lies

out a stolen voicebox

exclamation points have also

been referred to as shriek marks

there are blood red

skies on the feeds

animal corpses in fields

each tone and sentiment

a fake equalizer

my meds double

i become taken with the texture

of my clothing, standing at work

touching my shirt and staring

i get covered in

protective grease

people i pass seem impressed

with my shininess and stare

i slide around

bike laughing at cars

potholes all jittery

and rapid blinking

skip pills for days

choosing agitation / constant or violent motion

/ to drive onward

/ to impel

like stirring from the bottom