shit rn is absolutely crazy all right

pilot jeanne gosh

watch a feather instantaneously melt against pitch pavement and tell me im bullshitting u

driving the other day i saw a chunk of red meat on the road the size of cantaloupe on the road

i didn’t question it and my acceptance of it  

this is symptomatic of our collective sickness

If You Know What i Mean

at the grocery store a white cop pretends to arrest a crying Black child he reads her her Miranda rights

like as a joke

simultaneously im shoplifting as much candy as possible 

 the air feels about to break

(this is obvious hypomania shit lol fucc)

at a young age i learned to dissociate from sex 

a stranger told me i got a gold star for fucking her

when i practice this with violence 

its as if anything could happen to me thats not inaccurate

anything could happen to anyone at any time 

shit rn is absolutely crazy all right