Family Feudalism

Hudson Everett

Good answer. Bad answer. I don’t have answers, don’t have access, don’t have time is money, don’t have, have not, how you living? And the answers are populated by the masses and energy cannot be created, I am become, dead, destroyed, or open face sandwich and the rest is gravy, and the notes are graceful, and the words are burdens, and the heart is heavy, and the head lies still, and the lonely ones are told they don’t have answers too. I want to buy a vowel, I want to buy a Capitalist letter, I want to write to my congressman, I want to buy a senator, I want to spin the wheel, fortune favors, bold new taste of Doritos, crunch like my bones, tired, don’t tread on me, and I bite the heel that steps on me, and I only have answers in the form of questions, we’re all in jeopardy now, what the fuck is the point?