Should Your Sexuality Be Circuited Through the Ways That Animals Sleep?

Marie Buck

I watch the documentary God’s Country; everybody from Minnesota in 1985 is hot, especially the former high school wrestler who is both a banker and a farmer.

Taking care of the pigs is part of it; taking care of the cows is most of it, he says.

The interviewer asks if he will get a degree in farming.

He answers, you get a degree in pigs every day.

It’s not a bad occupation.

The pigs are shown rooting around.

We see the pigs transported and then strung up and dead; we see conveyor belts and now they are chopped down and made into meat.

A young farmer talks about being his own boss.

It makes you feel good when the crops look good, he says.

Lauren poses a question: what do you dream about when you have sexy dreams?

But I don’t have sexy dreams; or my dreams are exactly as sexy as the real situation. I sleep luxuriously alone, or I sleep with a lover and tell myself it’s nice to sleep on top of one another, like animals do. And it is: I sleep dreaming of my lover’s presence, meaning that I’m dreaming real life.