Time! Time! Time!


watching a youtube video of a guy filming
the inside of a 500 year old clock tower that was originally a watch tower. it’s in london,
according to the video. I read once the proliferation of clock towers, time, predated
the spread of the printing press by a century. when I learned long division in school
it was treated as a big fucking deal that’s all time is… dividing & dividing & dividing
hours minutes seconds tick tick tick “Time! Time! Time!” as Sol Funaroff wrote

when I watch youtube videos, I like to keep the little progress bar up that shows time elapsing
I like to see it lap up the miles; I like to see time in space I know how long it takes
to walk from my car to my cubicle every morning you can divide
‘everything’ by time. is it real if it can’t be divided by time?

sometimes I wonder how much time does time have left? not in the sense of that doomsday clock
that a bunch of fucking science nerds do (someone shove them into a gosh darn locker)
because that clock shows how even the world’s ‘best & brightest' can’t escape the tick tick tick
of a clock. they literally fear time itself reaching midnight: ‘dude imagine if
humans weren’t there to keep the clocks ticking.’ -vocal fry- ‘woooooaaaaah’
(i hope for the end of ‘humans’ too but that’s another poem)

every day workers experience ‘time travel:’

“Yet if I work hours and the clock says
only five minutes has gone by,
If the last hour working seems longer
than the seven before it,
Won’t my last day on the job seem longer
than all the months that preceded it?
Can I have been here more in one day
than someone who’s put in ten years?
Or has he learned how to punch in and out
fast as a punching bag?
Don’t we both know the way
to the prong of our alarm in the dark?
How long could I work without looking up at the clock?”
(factory by antler)

if einstein said ‘time is relative’ then why do I have to live my life
by the boss’s watch? and why is a watch called a ‘watch?’ & why is
that old clock tower a converted watch tower?"