How Much Do We Know About The Tesla Polycule That Taught Elon Musk About Cat Girls?

Vin Tanner

Everyone has a friend in the Diamond Business (ShaneCo)
But thanks to That Friend I am certain we all know
There is no way Mr. Apartheid Son himself
Has the social prowess to assess the art
Of your everyday feline woman.

Well dear readers we had an anonymous tip
So allow me to paint a picture, while you can take a trip
From the Bay, and LA, to the Emerald City
To uncover the truth how a Fool became Witty

This isn't some slew you'd read in any old rag
In fact you might say the Cat Girls are outta the bag
Those cliques you can't stand work at Tesla or maybe SpaceX
If they even read the word "labor" they each for a kleenex

May have started benign, now it's fueling
Musk's diet
He's all about weed now, thinks he could lead a riot.
A giggling Slack server platters up ears skirt and a tail
The marginalized populace lets out a wail,
"How does he know this? He constantly fails? Who's feeding him info?! He's cruising full sail!"

We heard that one member might have orders restrained,
Another calls sex work "A cute fun quirky game!"
They have no friends that aren't part of the 'cule.
Didn't you hear? If you're (white and) trans; gentrification rules!

They think some space colony will save those without the funds for a cough
Because they have Mars tickets instead of paid time off
Isn't it cool, to ~radicalize~ The Man?
Mistaking for love, scraps he feeds you from a can?

So insular and isolated in their orgy of meowing and factions
They still haven't recognized their own fatal attractions.
Truly the revolution will ride in a billionaires rocket,
made with child labor technology
that lines the bourgeoisie's pocket

How silly of commies to think the Earth is worth saving
Much less the people all around the world caving
Inside and inside and blaming the caverns of self
While, by the second, those exploiting them double their wealth.
No! The wisdom of an Enlightened Entrepreneur fed happily by these conclave'd dreamers

Will throw the world a going away party.
Look! The kind hearted man even remembered the streamers.
There's more to be said of this crew I'm certain and sure
the investigation had opened, this was merely the overture.
Dear reader, if you have any information on this polycule, undisclosed,
please send us a letter and let the editor know!

We thank you for your time, your support
and your thoughts.
Even the marginalized often get caught
Wrapped up in the lies of the American Dream
Like the Wizard Of Oz
the city only sparkles because you and your glasses are green.