David Frum: Horsegirl or Birdman?

Nomax Jodevaski

What happened to that David Frum? I'll tell you.
David Frum two months ere this day-warm eve
disposed himself to make acquaint a Norway Lass
who had not long ere then made viral news
for taking to four limbs to run, like a horse.

He learned her ways, and now's a mustang black
(he kept his suit) of Norwegian woods.
He says, "hrhrrhrhrrrhr LICK mE hrhr LiicK ME
hrhrhhhhrrrhhhhhhhchkhcchkrhr LICCK ME h LICK
me!" just how horses do, and hunts horseprey,

i.e., other horses. He has not ate his master,
but not for the horseshido code. She is simply
too strong, too fast, too wise for him, and she
can also turn back into human form, if need be.

In times as these does Davey Frum take to tweets,
becoming bird as he has already horse. He says,
without a hint of irony: Trump's business model
was predatory: get rich by deceiving customers,
cheating suppliers. His model of the world economy

is also predatory: trade is bad, there must be
a loser for every winner. You might say Trump
was our first Marxist president. And Marxism
is now failing again.
I asked the horse girl
about this. She asks, "he went to university?"

I say, I don't know, I would have to check.
But yes, one presumes, and probably an ivy.
She mumbles a half-baked joke about Professor Frum
being a vegetable (a riff on 'ivy'-league, I
think), then says "the Cold War broke their brain.