Where is everyone

Mau Baiocco

I asked 'where is everyone'
and you answered 'they're all
on TV, look' but I couldn't see them.
Then I ask again 'where is everyone
this time, really' and you get off the screen
of my TV. 'Everyone is gone to
get their TV license. Go.'

I am aloof at the place where
everyone is getting their TV license.
I do the most cruel thing I can do in the queue
to Gary Lineker, not letting him forget
about shit. When we finally get
to the place where everyone gets
their TV license there is no one

at the desk. 'Where is everyone'
I ask. 'They're all gone' I'm told
'the stations are taken over,
your debts are cancelled, now
you don't need a TV license.'
'They do licenses on the cheap
now, they're everywhere.' 'Ah'