For Every Goddamned PNW Polycule

For Every Goddamned PNW Polycule

Vin Tanner

Can you answer me this?
What do you do? Who do you prioritize?
Does your conscience or guilt stop you?
Or do you say
“I lose sleep over this daily…”?
Making the harm you feed with your bones
about you.
Do you care about people?
Or is it only ever the rotating cast
of 15 lookalikes who watch the same shows
that you ignore the red flags from
because someday you might fuck?

Why are you shocked when I dislike you?
Make your cults and stay in your “witchy vibes” apartments
you never take care of.
Making a joke out of sacred religions that were once true
and cultural …
until colonized so hard it died in everyone.
Except white gays who love to know nothing,
reject their relatives religions, and have high sex
they can pretend is holy worship.
You burn candles and call that radical.
Burning people at the stake as “abusers”
for mentioning your racism.
And call that “self-care”.


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For Every Goddamned PNW Polycule