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El vulcan Tacaná
Es prueba que los humanos
Sigan pensando que el mundo
Es plano-- puedes hacer líneas
Como fronteras pero el mundo
Tiene al menos 4 dimensiones
I can prove it to you on a table
With a beer bottle, time, plate tectonics , All poems should end chinga la migra until the holocaust is over
Editor's Note: this got sent a few hours ago with like no apology or asking if it's okay to speak Spanish, which is dope. I asked Karl, who's done a ton of translating, if he'd read the poem (I don't speak Spanish) and if it was the kinda thing we oughtta be publishing to then do a translation, too. He did. Here it is.

But also, I don't want anybody getting presumptuous about their right to an English translation. So I'm posting what he dm'd at 60% opacity. If anybody complains I'm bringing it down to 25.